Bake-alicious Bakeries: Bourke Street Bakery in Surry Hills and Flour and Stone in Woolloomooloo, Sydney.

Bake-alicious Bakeries: Bourke Street Bakery in Surry Hills and Flour and Stone in Woolloomooloo, Sydney.

I’ve long wanted to go to Bourke Street Bakery. For too long, I have drooled over their gorgeous book. I nearly made it there last year, but a mishap with some Zumbo goodies saw me sitting in a corner of a random Maccas, too depressed to go on flying solo in Sydney. This year, I was determined to actually get there.

I very nearly didn’t make it again. I got there on an exceptionally hot Friday, sweaty and grumpy, only to find out that they only accepted cash payments of which I had none. Too hot and too bothered to go looking for an ATM, I ended up across the street at The Book Kitchen for lunch instead. Just as well, as I fell in love with The Book Kitchen, but it meant that my quest for Bourke St bakery was still unfulfilled.

Fast forward a few more days and Tuesday saw me once again standing outside of Bourke St Bakery. This time, I had cash with me and I was determined to get myself some of these goodies. I stepped into the tiny interior, took in the gorgeous smells and smiled a tad crazily at the boy across the counter. My pointing finger came out and soon it was a flurry of points as I listed out my order without taking a breath. Despite knowing that our mode of transport for the day would be mainly walking, I still threw caution to the winds and added the gorgeous lemon curd tarts and ginger brulee tarts to my order.

It was a busy day of running between appointments but I could wait no longer. In the middle of Rozelle, I sat myself down on a bench at a bus stop and inhaled my tarts and all its tarty goodness. The pastry was perfection, crumbly and buttery. We marvelled at the fact that despite it containing rather moist elements such as lemon curd and custard, the pastry still remained beautifully crumbly and not in the least soggy. We ooh-ahhed over the gorgeous ginger brulee tart and if it were not for the fact that I was in the middle of Rozelle and not Surry Hills, I’d have marched right back into Bourke St Bakery and bought myself more of these little sweet treats. Later on, we also tried the chocolate croissant (which we didn’t like quite as much, more because we don’t much like chocolate and croissants together than through any fault of the bakery) and also the most delicious and tasty Macadamia and Sticky Nuts bun. (Bun of some sort, I have no idea, I forgot to take a photo of the name!)

Would I go back again? Definitely! There are lines, and queues that stretch out the door and into the street, but is it worth it? Oh yes.

Bourke Street Bakery (Web)
02 9699 1011
633 Bourke St
Surry Hills, NSW 2010

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Instagram and Twitter are wonderful things. If not for them, I would not have seen the number of people who were spazzing out about Flour and Stone. It’s really not very far from Bourke St Bakery though it’s far enough for them to qualify as being in a different suburb altogether. On our last day, we bundled our luggages into a cab and made a quick pitstop here before heading off the airport. Our taxi driver even asked us why we made such a special pit stop!

Why indeed.

Flour and Stone isn’t very big. It is a touch bigger than Bourke St Bakery, which means that should you choose to stay and munch on the yummy offerings, you are able to have a table indoors amongst the good smells rather than being out on the sidewalk. The glass display cases are laden with goodies and I stood for the longest time agonizing over which to pick, my task made even more worse by the knowledge that every minute I took to think was another minute on the taxi meter that was running outside.

The pointing finger came out and I pointed to this, this, this, and that, that, that. With my previous mishap with Zumbo’s creations in mind, I also asked which of their goodies would travel well. Once determining that we were one step away from boarding our flight out of Sydney, the very adorable ladies at Flour & Stone then packed everything up in the most secure fashion ever and this was proven when all my goodies got to Adelaide unharmed and very much intact. (Other than the lamington, that got eaten on the way.)

I didn’t know it’d be possible, but I believe Flour & Stone actually blew me away even more than Bourke St Bakery did. I am seriously in love with the Salted Caramel Tart and I’d marry it if I could, only so I could not-so-subtly eat it every night in bed. The amazing pastry, paired with the beautiful salted caramel and topped with what tasted like malt (I say malt, the boy say not. Sigh.) made for an amazing combination and I desperately wished past me had the foresight to buy more than one slices. Sadly, past me didn’t. So I had to share the one lonely slice with the boy and tears may or may not have been shed.

If you like baked goods, pastries and gorgeous afternoon treats, then Bourke St Bakery and Flour and Stone are both bakeries you should hit up. Both have beautiful pastries and there is no way I will be able to pick a favourite. So I strongly suggest you check both out, and spend some time in their bakeries to really take in the sights and smells. For there is nothing more beautiful than baked yummies and a never ending passion for good food.

Flour and Stone (Web)
02 8068 8818
53 Riley Street
Woolloomooloo, NSW 2011

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