Food Trucks in Adelaide: Sneaky Pickle

Food Trucks in Adelaide: Sneaky Pickle

Sneaky Pickle

Sneaky Pickle

Food trucks in Adelaide are becoming less and less uncommon, but are in no way in danger of losing their novelty cred. The minute I heard that a new food truck was on the streets of Adelaide, I made it my first priority to sink my teeth into their latest offerings.

In this case, it was Sneaky Pickle with their claim to fame with pickles and pulled pork that caught my attention.

For a simple $9 you receive the above: Pulled pork burger, BBQ corn and pickles. Nine dollars!? I couldn’t believe it. Often, $9 wouldn’t even get you a complete burger let alone one that came with corn and pickles. A-hah, Sneaky Pickle was already well on its way up in my heart!

Biting into the burger, you cannot but help marvelling at the juiciness of the pulled pork and the crunchy slaw. My one problem with the burger was how messy it was. Or maybe, I’m just a messy eater. I ended up having to hover in a rather unsightly manner over the little cardboard tray in order to catch any of my runaway pulled pork.

Still, you cannot deny that they are tasty and flavoursome burgers. Wash it down with BBQ corn and pickles, and I sat back happily satisfied. This combined with the lazy afternoon sun in Hindmarsh Square while I hid beneath the shady trees made for a very enjoyable lunch indeed. Would I go back? Next chance I get!

Eating out: The Wine Company @ Sentosa Boardwalk, Singapore.

When I was back in Singapore, I took the chance to meet up with my girlfriends once again. If there’s one thing that sucks about being away from home, it is the fact that I can’t hang out with them. As it is, I try to catch up with them everytime and this time we decided to meet up again at The Wine Company

There are a few different outlets for The Wine Company, but the spot chosen for our lunch was Sentosa Boardwalk. I was delighted because I haven’t been to Sentosa since I was 8 years old, and also there was the mention of Wine. How could one not be excited by that? I arrived early so I decided to take a slow stroll down the boardwalk. The view was gorgeous and if it had been just a tad cooler, it would have been perfect.

The Wine Company had a gorgeous glass front that allowed diners to enjoy the beautiful harbour view from their table. The back of the restaurant was adorned with a beautiful stained glass window that reminded me of churches gone by. The decor was simple but tasteful, and it being fairly early in the day, there was only one other table in the premises other than my own.

However, the design of the place fell flat when it came to the ceiling. It’s as though the interior designer decided that nobody ever looked up and so left the cooling ducts and connecting pipes exposed. Unfortunately, this meant that instead of looking classy and sophisticated, the restaurant looked like it was hacked together from a warehouse. Sigh.

Before I get onto the food we had that day, I would just like to point out my pet peeve. Unfortunately I do not have a photo of this but it irked me so much I forgot. I ordered red wine to go with my dish of the day and it came in a dessert wine glass, filled to the brim. REALLY!? Hate hate hate hate hate. Especially because this is supposed to be The Wine Company, they are supposed to KNOW wine. *rage* what is this I don’t even….

Ahem. Okay. Food.

Not all of these dishes were for me, mind. Else I wouldn’t have fit through the door again. I did have nibbles from other people’s plates and I have to say that the starters were pretty darn tasty! They again, what fried thing isn’t?

Gorgeous looking lamb shank (S$28), won’t you agree? However it was a little bland and could not live up to the standard Rochford had set, pity.

All in all, I think that while the location is superb and the view gorgeous, the food isn’t quite up to the standard you’d expect and certainly the staff needs to be trained on which wine glasses go with which wines. While I enjoyed my lunch there, it was more to do with the awesome girly company than it was influenced by the meal and the quality of the dishes. So-so food at a beautiful location.

Perhaps better luck at their other outlets?

The Wine Company

6 Sentosa Gateway
Singapore 098072
Tel: (+65) 6376 9029
Fax: (+65) 6376 9079

Opening hours:
Lunch is by reservation, call 6316 5108
Monday – Thursday, 4pm until late
Friday, Sat, Sun, eve of PH & PH, 12 noon until late