Review: Neon Lobster Taquerie at Alpha Box & Dice

Review: Neon Lobster Taquerie at Alpha Box & Dice

neon lobster taquerie berrytravels
neon lobster taquerie berrytravels

neon lobster taquerie berrytravels

neon lobster taquerie berrytravels

neon lobster taquerie berrytravels

neon lobster taquerie berrytravels

neon lobster taquerie berrytravels

What do you do when you are winding down from all the Christmas eating, need a break from the crazy frenzied season, and just need to chill?

You head to the hottest popup in town: the Neon Lobster Taquerie by the Happy Motel guys who had set up shop at Alpha Box & Dice.

The experience starts from when you get out of the car. The wafting smells lead you in, followed by the sound of joyful laughter from relaxed and happy people. We (myself, Natasha and her sister) got ourselves set up with some Sangria and then joined the queue of eager eaters. Make no mistake, it was a very long queue. Combine that with a very hot day, it really wasn’t my preferred choice of entertainment. However, the allure of tacos, the amazing smell, and the sizzling beef on the bbq made me grit my teeth and stayed in the line I did.

Was it worth it? Oh, many times over. The decision to brave the sun is not taken lightly, given I love chilly weather and hate the sun, but this was worth it many times over. For myself, I devoured the ‘shark’ taco along with the char beef skirt taco. Swooned over the impeccable flavours, the taste of which filled my mouth and sent shivers down my spine. It was the stuff dreams are made of, and then more. Granted, the serving sizes could have been bigger. 4 tacos later and I wasn’t really at my happy level yet. However, as I stood in line for my second shot at this wonder food, the dreaded yell of “Sold out” came echoing down the line. It was not meant to be.

If you see these guys popping up, you have to go. It’s that good.

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  1. Grant Nowell says:

    Celeste, I agree with all you said, apparently the boys were over run with hungry taco seeking customers. They just couldn’t handle the rush of happy munchers so there were some delays. I also think the tacos could of been a bit more substantial but the flavours were mind blowing and it’s all gorgeous hand made original food. Thanks for the top shelf picture story blog entry

  2. Oh wow – it looks amazing. I’m so sad I couldn’t go. Definitely up for the next one!
    Christina @ The Hungry Australian recently posted..Where to from here for the Australian Food Blogging Conference (Eat Drink Blog)?

  3. Aiii.. why don’t we have more of these places here?

  4. Love the vibrant colours – beautiful photos Celeste, it looks great!
    Christine @ Cooking Crusade recently posted..Vegan Yum Cha at Green Gourmet, Newtown

  5. Sounds like a great place! I’m loving all the vibrant colours, both in the surroundings and the food.
    Amanda@ChewTown recently posted..Char Siu Bao – BBQ Pork Buns


  1. [...] here’s a simple outfit I wore when I visited the Neon Lobster Taquerie. You can’t really see them, but the Red Mary Janes are what I wear when I try new eateries [...]

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