Eating Out: Haan Ssie Oriental Cuisine@ Adelaide CBD – Korean Fusion

HAANSSIE Oriental Cuisine
08 8215 0110
300 Rundle St
Adelaide, SA 5000

It’s been very interesting eating out in Adelaide. Learning all the new places and finding absolute gems (and sometimes not-so-gems.) I must admit to having loved every minute of it. It’s always nice to explore a new city and get to know new things. And Adelaide is very much underrated, as I am slowly finding out. Clearly, people do not look hard enough before declaring Adelaide a dud!

This meal at Haan Ssie was quite awhile back. The menu seems to have changed, though I cannot verify that due to Haan Ssie not having a website and me not having been back since. I cannot vouch nor review the current menu, so this review is based upon the meal I had awhile back.

To start with, let me just say that the good reviews of Haan Ssie confuses me. I went with high hopes and based on the prices vs what I got, I really was quite disappointed and it certainly does not encourage a return visit despite the menu change.

Granted, the decor of Haan Ssie is really quite interesting. The lights reminded me of mushrooms and the decor was quite tasteful. It is done up rather classily and the prices of the mains definitely reflect that. The average prices of the mains are between $15-$20. Photographers do take note: the red lighting of the restaurant does not lend well to photographs!

Bimbimbap: $19.50. Nothing to write home about, I certainly wasn’t taken by it. It was tasty enough in that there was enough salt in it. Maybe way too much. I felt the lack of an egg keenly and if Haan Ssie had claimed to be a Korean restaurant rather than an Oriental-inspired restaurant, I’d have a full on rant about how this wasn’t Bimbimbap. But since they did toss the word ‘inspired’ into the mix, I shall hold my tongue.

Bulgogi: This was actually decent. I don’t remember the price and seem to have neglected taking a photo of the menu for this item, but at least this was worth eating and the price.

Japchae: $19.50 A small serving with a high price. It really didn’t satisfy my craving for Japchae as this version of it was really quite far from the mark.

The servings in general were not very big. Normally, this wouldn’t bug me as I’m not a huge eater anyways. But when the prices are where they are, I expect the servings to be slightly more than just one serve. I really don’t have any problems with paying quality prices for quality meals (as this blog can attest to) but I really do worry when the prices and the quality do not match.

The wait staff were friendly enough and in general, the meal was made all the more enjoyable more so because of the company I had rather than the food that was on the table.

Would I go again? Not really, not when there are so many other places waiting for me to explore!

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  1. I was really expecting you sing praises about this place… Because your first paragraph seem to suggest so. :)
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