Eating Out: Devour Dessert Bar @ Prospect, #Adelaide.

Devour Dessert Bar
04 1153 6343
96 Prospect Road
Prospect, SA 5082

I’ve said it once and I will say it again – the dessert bar culture in Adelaide is one of the best things about this place. I won’t go on to wax lyrical about why dessert bars are the bomb, but let’s just say that this will be one of the main reasons to make me rethink relocating from Adelaide.

Devour Dessert Bar is one of the many dessert bars that are gracing the dessert bar scene in Adelaide. I first visited it last year but wasn’t very taken by my experience. Keen to give it another chance (as it is not unheard of for restaurants to have a bad day), I decided to head back to Devour this year for the boy’s birthday.

Devour Dessert Bar is situated in Prospect, a fairly short drive up from the city. The shopfront is simple and unassuming, the inside is simply lit with yellow globes. The decor is simple but tasteful. It makes for a gorgeous setting to savour your sweets that one might even call romantic, but it certainly does not make for good lighting to take photos! Be warned though, Devour only accepts cash. There is a Commonwealth Bank ATM nearby, but always bring cash and be prepared!

The menu at Devour Dessert Bar changes every two months (roughly), which is exciting as it keeps things interesting. (You might remember that Eggless changes theirs monthly.) You can take a peep at the current menu here: here. If you are lucky, this menu will stick around till mid next week, so hurry! Because you do not want to miss out on the Peanut Butter Jelly dessert. Behold:

Peanut Butter Jelly: Burnt Milk Panna Cotta, Peanut Crunch, Berry Gel, Peanut Praline $12

This dessert is the most mind-blowing dessert I’ve ever eaten. The mixture of crunchy and soft texture between the panna cotta, crunch and praline can bring a grown man to his knees. The intoxicating taste of peanut butter has you wanting more, and while the macaron might not be as fluffy and airy as some others I’ve eaten, all is forgiven because all how good this dessert works as a whole.

Peanut Butter Jelly – one of those classic flavours that I really wish I had found out about earlier. The peanut crunch and praline was so good I felt a pang of pity for those with nut allergies for not being able to partake in this wonder. If you are in Adelaide and you have not tried this creation, you need to. I was also informed that this dish will not be featured on the new menu, so you really have to run!

Banana Macadamia Cake: Salted Caramel Ice Cream, Toffee Popcorn, Caramelised Banana $12

This was the boy’s pick for himself. Personally, I thought the PB&J was way better, but I believe I’m bias. The Salted Caramel Ice Cream was stellar, and the boy really enjoyed the toffee popcorn.

Lemon Meringue Pie: Lemon Curd Mousse, Lemon Marshmallow, Sable Crumbs $12

The dessert with the best plating out of what I’ve tried from the current menu. The marshmallows were beautifully fluffy and the lemon flavouring really popped. It was even slightly fizzy on the tongue – intriguing! The meringues made me swoon with delight and I wanted to run home and try making my own after eating them. I tend to associate meringues with lots of sugar and tend not to be the biggest fan of them, but boy were these good. Every mouthful was a trip to heaven and back. Again, the variety of textures on the plate brought depth and interest to the plate, definitely one of the better desserts!

Donut Sundae: Chocolate Fudge, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream, Honeycomb, Raspberry $12

The least exciting out of the range we tried. The idea was definitely good and the sound of it tickled our imaginations. However, the donuts were doughy and the whole dish as a whole fell a little flat. The honeycomb were the hero of the dish, but as a whole it wasn’t really a memorable dish. Pity. I would recommend skipping past this for the better desserts I’ve covered above. Like the PB&J. Ahem.

Assorted Macarons

Devour also does a range of macarons, and while I’m quite over the macaron craze that swept through Melbourne last couple of years, I couldn’t help picking up a box as some of the flavours sounded pretty enticing – Hubba Bubba, PB&J, Redskin, Sour Apples, and Jaffa.

My favourite was definitely the Hubba Bubba and PB&J. I was blown away by just how much like the real Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum the macaron tasted, amazing! I’d get them again in a heart beat. Pick up a box of assorted flavours for $12.50.

Don’t wait. Hurry. RUN.

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  1. So nice to meet you at EDB3! Thanks so much for the recommendation for Devour Dessert Bar. I loved it! I’ll go again on another visit to Adelaide :))
    Monica (@gastromony) recently posted..Spinach & Green Tea Cupcakes


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