Eating out: Blue Moose Cafe @ St Kilda Road, Melbourne

The Blue Moose Cafe
03 9804 5605
Ground Floor, 436 St Kilda Rd
South Yarra
Melbourne, VIC 3004

When you are in a location that is surrounded by high rise buildings filled with office workers, there are just 2 things that I believe you need to fully grasp for your cafe / restaurant to stay loved.

It needs to be:

1. Good and tasty.
2. Fast.

And Blue Moose Cafe is both. I’ve been a few times now, mostly with K when I used to visit her during lunch hours. I was blown away by how busy it was, the little cafe was practically humming!

Once you taste their food, it’s not hard to see why. An array of meals is offered at the counter for those who are short on time but they do offer a fairly good menu for ala carte as well. I’ve never tried ordering from their menu – everytime I’ve been, the counter meals have suckered me in because they tasted amazing. With names such as Tandoori Risotto, how could I even begin to resist?

Their servings are not stingy either. With quite a team of wait staff available, they jump to attention when you need their service and efficiency seems to be their middle name. They understand their clientele and they answer to their customers needs by speed and more speed. Takeaway meals were flying out the doors as I sat there having my lunch and the turnover of tables would have made any Diner Dash player proud.

I’m not a regular, and it has long left my memory just how much I paid for my meals, but I remember marvelling at how reasonable the pricing was. Especially given the kind of clientele they get, they could have charged a lot more and gotten away with it. Good food, good prices, good service – what else can you ask for?

We tucked into our food eagerly, salad, pasta, risotto, pie alike were all equally tasty. I wouldn’t say that their asian-inspired risottos tasted much like what they were named after but they certainly were tasty. And when you are trying to get a bit of food into you in between meetings, tasty is more important than authenticity, in my very humble opinion!

So if you are in the area and wondering where to eat, go to Blue Moose Cafe, grab a meal and sit back and let it all flow over you. Amazing.

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  1. Argh, i wish they are in the cbd. the food looks decent!

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