Eating out: Burger Foundry @ St. Morris, Adelaide

Burger Foundry
08 8431 3231
389 Magill Rd
St Morris, SA 5068

I’ll be honest with you. I wasn’t exactly thrilled when I learnt that I’d be moving to Adelaide. I love Melbourne with all my heart and I cannot imagine myself anywhere else. For years, many have told me how much of a ‘hole’ Adelaide was. And when my friends found out I was moving to Adelaide, the condolence messages came flooding in. It did nothing to help, let me assure you.

But much like how there is beauty in everybody, there is beauty in every city. Over the 1.5 years that I have been frequenting Adelaide, I have come to love many points of Adelaide. It isn’t that Adelaide doesn’t have good food, it is that you need to look for it a little harder than Melbourne. While Adelaide may not have the coffee and cafe culture that Melbourne has, it does have a buzzing dessert cafe culture that Melbourne doesn’t.

So while we may not have the chain of burgers, Grill’d, or the very famous burgers from Huxtable, instead we have Burger Foundry and boy do they know burgers.

Sometimes it feels like good things aren’t celebrated as much in this state of churches. Through chatting with the locals (on that note, it will be a long, long time before I ever consider myself to be from Adelaide.) I found that not many knew of the gems that surrounded them. Burger Foundry seems to be one of them. None of my friends that I’ve spoken to (excluding the one who introduced them to me) knew of Burger Foundry. Well then.

Burger Foundry is located on Magill Road, St Morris. It’s not too far from the city: A quick 15-20 minute drive should get you there. But then, this holds true for most of Adelaide. The place is so small, you can get anywhere really quickly!

The restaurant isn’t big, in fact there’s two tables and that’s it. Most opt for takeaway and on my very first dine-in experience, I found out why, but more on that later. The menu boast of a range of different burgers ranging from beef, chicken to veggie burgers. They also offer a side of chips or green salad for the health conscious. But then, if you were health conscious, you wouldn’t be eating at Burger Foundry.

You order at the counter, and a quick minute or two later you are handed your burger. The service is top notch and incredibly fast tho I’ve read reviews that service can be slow and very inefficient. (This was not the case with us.) We sat down with our burgers and I then proceeded to gawk at it. Because in front of me, sat the biggest burger I had ever seen.

“There is no way I’m getting that into my mouth.” were my famous last words to my partner.

Okay, so that doesn’t really show the scale of the burger. I was really thrown off my game by the sheer size of the burger, I didn’t know how to eat it! Feeling a tad like Dagwood, I struggled to pick up my burger and began my mission of chowing down.

Here’s a rather unsightly photo of me trying to conquer the burger so you get a sense of scale. I promise you, holding that burger up was a lot harder than it looks!

So how were the burgers? They were juicy, fresh, flavourful and every bit as good as they claim to be. And it was so big, I couldn’t finish it. The patties were juicy, the cheese beautifully melted and the bread was soft with a beautiful crust. I highly recommend it to every burger lover out there! And since I could only finish about half the burger, I could probably get two meals out of the one burger for the one price. Perfect.

The one negative of the place that I experienced came after the burger eating was done. Being incredibly saucy and juicy, I had burger juice all over my hands. Yuck. At which point I found out that they didn’t have a sink for you to wash up at, nor a washroom. Um. I really didn’t want to drive my car with burger juices all over my hands!!! Thankfully I had water and wipes in the car, but it was still rather unpleasant having to wash my hands on the roadside. Next time, I’m doing takeaway.

I know there’s a fair few bad reviews out there for the place, and a lot of very mixed reviews, but trust me on this. They are capable of pumping out a good burger. There’s also a fair few complaints about their prices. Obviously, you lot must not understand the value of paying quality for quality. Sigh.

What do you think? Do you think charging higher prices for quality is reasonable?

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  1. Holy cow, that burger is bigger than your face! That is ridiculously huge. Now I want it. :p
    Melissa Loh recently posted..Din Tai Fung Dumpling Bar @ Westfield Sydney, NSW

    • Celeste says:

      Hahaha yeah! It’s quite daunting at first sight. I brought Elsie and Harry Potter there when they came visiting. You need to come too!

  2. OMG! That is one huge burger!
    Michelle recently posted..Simply Cooking: Stir fry assorted mushrooms

  3. WHA!? It’s so big! They could give guests a T-shirt if they eat the whole thing.
    Do they offer guests knives and forks to avoid messy hands? I hate to have messy hands.

    Oh and about people thinking Adelaide is a hole. I’m a local who has lived in other cities but unfortunately had to come back here. I think it is a hole.
    Miss Kimbers @ Fruit Salad and Mixed Veg recently posted..Georges on Waymouth

    • Celeste says:

      They have plastic knives and forks… not very useful, I think. I bring wipes. Or I just takeaway. Easier that way.

      I’ve lived in a fair few different cities and while Melbourne is my love, I don’t think Adelaide is that bad. A hole is where I’m living now during the week for my job. A small country town with 200 folks for a population and a bank that only opens for 2-3 hours a day. That’s a hole. XD

  4. WHOA, that’s huge!! I used to think that the burgers at Grill’d were pretty big but this brings it to a whole ‘nuther level!!
    Ames recently posted..Green Eggs and Ham: Reinvented

    • Celeste says:

      Yes! I used to think Grill’d was big, but then Burger Foundry beats Grill’d out of the water by a ton. You can just imagine how blown away I was when I first saw it!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve only been to Burger Foundry once but I loved it! I didn’t have any of the issues other reviewers have said either, but then again I did go at lunchtime. Wipes are a must but it is worth it!

  6. Man that is as big as you described it!
    msihua recently posted..Frank Camorra’s Chef Series Wines at MoVida Bar de Tapas y Vino @ Hosier Lane, Melbourne CBD

  7. Great post, Celeste. Yes, Adelaide has lots of undiscovered treasures so thank you so much for sharing this one with all of us. Loved the photo of you with that ginormous burger – it is a cracker!
    Christina @ The Hungry Australian recently posted..Lady Grey Bundt Cake with Rosewater Icing

  8. Huge burger indeed! I think they got bigger (!), cause last time I went, I managed to finished it. Cramming and overeating isn’t suggested :(. Glad you enjoyed your burger cause I didn’t take a liking to it. The wait time of over 30mins probably didn’t help in my case either. I might opt for take away next time and share it with a friend!
    D recently posted..Enzo’s Ristorante, Hindmarsh

  9. if u like ur burgers, definitely go Burger Theory! waaaay better than Burger Foundry.. not as huge.. but the taste is great!

    • Celeste says:

      I think both have their strong points. I love both equally, Burger Foundry for its size and taste, Burger Theory for its taste and its amazing buns! Yum!

  10. We went there recently and the burgers are definitely good but the wait was 45 minutes. When you’ve travelled from the other side of town and absolutely starving! That was not what I wanted to hear. Naturally jokes started in the group that they only cook one patty at a time. 45 minutes for a takeaway burger really isn’t acceptable.


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