Travelling Taiwan: Eating out – Hotpot in the winter is BEST! 火鍋世家

Western winters seem to be all about casseroles and stews. While tasty, they never quite hit the spot like a good hot pot does. Upon meeting up with my sister’s friend in Taipei, we decided to visit Shida Nightmarket and the nearby hotpot restaurant: Huo Guo Shi Jia (火鍋世家). Since that’s a fairly long name to type, I’m going to refer to it by HGSJ from now on.

HGSJ is located about 5 minutes from the Taipower Building MRT Station (Exit 3). Just head towards Shida nightmarket and you will be able to find HGSJ easily.

Travelling Taipei Tip #8:

Make sure you note down which exits you need to get out from a MRT station. Taking different exits will sometimes lead you to completely different places. There are maps all around the station for you to work out the exits needed as well.

In HGSJ, hotpots are individual hotpots. They are sunken into the table and everybody gets their own. On a nearby table, there is an assortment of different condiments and dips you can pick to go with your hotpot ingredients. If you can’t figure out what some of the dips are, there is a helpful sign that tells you what each one of them is, even in English. Perfect! You don’t have to stick to just one dip either, you can mix and match to your liking! The dip I made up for myself was a combination of 4 items from the selection. Yum.

Everybody gets a plate of vegs for the hotpot. My friend cheekily mentioned that technically you could come in and only have vegs and not pay anything since they only charge for the meats you have, but don’t get any funny ideas!! We did order meat since, what’s a hotpot without meat? (Sorry vegetarians)

Gorgeous. This meal really hit the spot and as I remember it, it came up to less than 40 aud for 3 people. If ever you are in Taipei and near the area, do try this place out. Simple, straightforward and no nonsense hotpot goodness.

HGSJ is a chain. It’s low prices means that it is very popular with students from the nearby universities. Free flowing drinks are available though I did find their milk tea to be a tad too sweet. The service is good with the waitresses diligent in adding in your soup base. You are able to pick different soup bases ranging from clear to spicy ones. As per usual, soup bases gets sweeter as you add more things into the soup. Quality of the meat was standard, nothing too extravagant which is expected for the price. Value for money, definitely.


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  1. ooh the exit system works like hong kong
    Michelle recently posted..Simply Cooking: Stir fry Corn, Bok Choy and Xue Chai (Preserved King Cabbage)

  2. le sigh…. when can I get to Taiwan?
    penny aka jeroxie recently posted..Dan’s House, Haymarket

  3. OMG! Hotpot, how I love thee! The individual hotpots are a fantastic idea especially when some love their broth super spicy! This post is making salivate.. I think a hotpot gathering is in order! :)~

    • Celeste says:

      I love a good hotpot gathering! Am actually thinking to do one for the food bloggers in Adelaide. :D

  4. Oh my god, this EXACTLY why I don’t want to be on a diet right now!

    • Celeste says:

      Hahaha, my diets go out the window when I’m travelling. Carbs eaten while overseas don’t count right?!

  5. The food in Taiwan is very unique and delicious. The meat looks great.
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