Eating Out: Pho Ba Ria 2 @ Hanson Road, Adelaide

Pho Ba Ria 2
08 8244 5522
54c Hanson Road
Woodville Gardens, SA 5012

Moving up from Melbourne means leaving behind a lot of good food. I am currently trying to compile a list of substituations and replacements for everything that I have loved in Melbourne and Pho is one of them.

That means trying every pho I can, as much as my wallet allows me to.

Having driven past Pho Ba Ria 2 every time I go home, I decided it was high time I gave this place a go. Oh how I wish I hadn’t.

How much do I dislike thee, let me count the ways:

    1. The soup had no depth of flavour or even taste, really.
    2. The rice noodles were limp, had no bite and were rather thick.
    3. The beef slices had been sliced too thick.
    4. The soup was lukewarm when it hit the table.
    5. We had to wait for another 5 minutes for the usual condiments of mint leaves, chilli, bean sprouts etc to be brought to the table after the noodles had arrived.
    6. The drinks arrived when I was nearly done with my noodles.
    7. The Avocado Smoothie I ordered did not taste like Avocado. In fact it tasted of ice and not very much else.
    8. I couldn’t finish my serve of Pho because I couldn’t stomach it further. This is unheard of.
    9. $9.00 for a bowl of small when in Melbourne, we are able to get quality Pho for $7.50 (for a small).

Look. I don’t normally write all out negative reviews about food places. In fact, most times you are able to find something good to say about a place. This place proved to be quite popular and as we sat there despairing over our bowls of Pho, I took note of the constant stream of customers, so surely there must be something good about this place? Perhaps their other dishes are good, but since I’m only interested in Pho, that is the only thing I will be trying at Pho Ba Ria. Given that their sign says that they specialize in Pho, I truly expect quality Pho. Unfortunately it was not to be so.

I do not understand the high ratings on Urbanspoon nor the high praise other food bloggers have given to the quality of the Pho at Pho Ba Ria 2. However, it is to be noted that the original owners of Pho Ba Ria 2 are no longer at Pho Ba Ria 2 and are in fact at Thanh Thanh. Perhaps Pho Ba Ria 2 was having a bad day? Regardless, I think I will bring my hunt for good pho elsewhere. I’ve never had such an unfulfilling bowl of Pho before and don’t want to risk repeating the experience!

So for now, I guess it’s back to Thanh Thanh with me.

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  1. i’m feel so sorry for you. :(
    Michelle recently posted..Recipe: Stewed pumpkin and pork neck (with a touch of dried shrimp)

  2. U went to the wrong place. U need to try ngi ngan quan at ferryden park and also vietnam restaurant at addison road. Looks up reviews for them. But that’s where EVERYONE goes :)

    • Celeste says:

      Thanks Clement! After trying out Pho Ba Ria 2, I agree with you! I definitely went to the wrong place. But ah well. Mistake made, lesson learnt! I shall have to head over to NNQ and Vietname rest soon. They have been added to my list, thank you!

  3. hope that helps

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