Restaurant review: Sushi Train, Adelaide

Sushi Train
08 8231 3733
36 City Central Market Arcade
Adelaide Sa, SA

We used to have Kaiten Sushi in Melbourne. Well, we still do, but the one I usually go to is no longer under the same chef and is no longer good. There’s another one on little collins but I’m yet to try it. There’s the one in Crown, but it really isn’t nice.

What I mean to say is that I love Kaiten Sushi. I love the ones in Japan where almost everything is 100 yen, hot water comes out of a tap in the wall and you ring a bell and tap a digital menu on the wall for service. I love the variety of sushi and well.. I love everything about Kaiten sushi.

So when I heard that there were Sushi Train outlets in Adelaide, I was keen to go. In fact, I’ve gone back at least 4 times now. It’s convenient, I swear!

I’ve been to two outlets so far, one at Central Market and one at Welland Plaza. I rather like the Central Market outlet more because it is slightly nearer to the heart of the city and also because it is cozier. It’s a lot smaller and it can get quite squishy but I love the intimate feeling. (Ironically, photos are of the Welland Plaza as I didn’t bring my camera on my other trips to the central market outlet.)

Sushi is made on the spot, and the staff seems to be mostly made up of Japanese. Which is rather reassuring considering the number of kaiten sushi outlets I’ve been to that have been run by cantonese speaking staff members. Nothing against them, but I do rather like my cuisines to be authentic down to the staff. I know, I’m picky.

In terms of quality, it’s so-so. It’s not blow your mind good, but it’s not bad either. I’m happy enough to trot down every so often to watch the sushi plates play merry go round and to eat up all the tamago sushi on offer. Once, I watched a staff clean salmon fillets for a good half hour. I do love spending time here. It reminds me of my time in Japan, oddly enough. And that comforts me.

Would I go back? Hell yes. I love kaiten sushi so much! As long as it’s not atrocious like Oriental Express in Crown, I’ll be there.

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  1. Welland station is our sushi place! I know what you mean about watching them cut fish, I could watch that for hours….
    Neena recently posted..(Late) FOTD: Jennifer’s 18th Birthday Look!

  2. We need more of these in australia! What is it with the lack of good sushi train bars??!!!
    msihua recently posted..Brasserie Bread Melbourne Launch Night @ South Melbourne

  3. The Lt Collins Street restaurant is pretty good! (then again, I haven’t been to many ‘good’ sushi train restaurants so do treat my comment with a grain of salt). I haven’t written a review yet, but I’ll get onto it very soon :)

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