Restaurant review: Steer Bar and Grill, South Yarra.

Steer Bar and Grill
03 9040 1188
641 Chapel St
South Yarra, VIC 3141
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For many months after Steer Bar and Grill opened its doors to public, I kept telling myself that I should go check it out. Many food bloggers went and blogged about it but I still couldn’t find the time to go. Then they changed their menu and became a new york steakhouse. And suddenly I found time. Funny what steak can do.

I invited Violet & Jimmy and Celina & Toby to dinner. All of us Steer virgins, so we didn’t really know what to expect. Well, I kinda did. I was expecting it to be good.

I’ll tell you truthfully right now that the first meal wasn’t actually all that great. But my 2nd and 3rd meal at Steer were superb. So it really just goes to show that you really should give a restaurant another chance if you are able to. I try to anyways.

Before I really get into it, I just have to say that the extra virgin olive oil Steer uses for their breads is just so delightful. I love the evoo they use. Absolutely gorgeous.

I don’t have too many photos of the steaks of Steer. I really don’t think you need that many anyways. All you really need to know is that the experience at Steer is worth every penny and then some. Before you order, you are first introduced to the current offerings on a big wood slab covered with different meat cuts. You get to see the marbling of the meats first hand, and even ask your waiter questions if you are not that familiar with the different meats. Me, I love porterhouse, scotch, and sometimes eye fillets. While Kev on the other hand is a loyal eye fillet fan.

Steaks are best enjoyed at medium rare. At least, I think so. I don’t really get how people eat a well done steak. It rather taste like rubber.

On my 2nd visit to Steer, I had some absolutely gorgeous wagyu from Darlings Down. It was melt in your mouth, cooked to perfection and absolutely drop dead gorgeous. I was sent to heaven, again, and again, and again. I think steaks are really such sensitive things, get a good chef and you will do justice to the beautiful cut of meat and do a ripper of a job cooking it. Have the chef even the tiniest bit distracted and the steak’s gone. And trust me, during my stay out in the country, I’ve eaten my fair share of really awfully cooked steak.

Suffice to say, I adore the steaks at Steer. They might not be quite the same standard of swoon-worthiness every time due to the different cuts of meat and seasons, but the quality is always good and it will always be incredibly tasty.

The sides at Steer are good too. My favourite is the buttermilk mash which is so good, I want to lick the bowl. But really, all the sides I’ve tried so far have been good. Here’s some of them:

During one of my visits, I enjoyed myself so much, I stayed for tea and dessert. I hardly ever do this because I’m not much of a sweets lover, but I wanted to stay at Steer for as long as I could.

Unfortunately, I don’t actually remember what we had. It was a bombe alaska of some form and was very pretty though. But if I remember correctly, I didn’t like it as much. Pity, but it didn’t really ruin my meal as those steaks I had just before had been enough to get me floating on cloud 9.

Steer is a romance I hope will keep on blossoming. I dream of the steaks here and I can’t wait to be back again. Luckily for me, I head back to Melbourne every so often and Kev is always a willing dinner partner when it comes to Steer. I’ll be back!

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  1. Oh my those fries look smashing! And that shot with the flames! Wonderful :)
    msihua recently posted..The WLG (Wellington) Pop Up Restaurant @ Fitzroy, Melbourne

  2. Ah, you’ve been multiple times too! :) It’s interesting to see the other dishes we didn’t have and the bombe alaska looks different too.
    April@MyFoodTrail recently posted..Dining Out: Steer Bar & Grill, South Yarra

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