A weekend in Adelaide

A weekend in Adelaide

Recently spent a weekend in Adelaide with K and thought I’d share some of the pictures I took during that time. Me being me, it really is mostly food. No wait, it’s all about food. But food is beauty too, hey? There is beauty in the presentation of food and beauty in the consuming of food. There is art and skill to eating.

We started the weekend by having breakfast at Adelaide Central Market. I had read reviews recommending either Zuma Caffe or Lucia’s. After taking a peek into both, we settled with Zuma Cafe.

We both ordered the day’s special which was poached eggs on a hearty sugo. K had the meaty version with chorizos and bacon while I plowed my way through the vegetarian version which was a somewhat less exciting version with chickpeas and the like. I say less exciting because when you taste both, you can immediately distinguish who had the better dish of the meal. The chorizo really added an extra punch and the tasty bacon was absolutely beautiful. Still, the chickpea version was hearty and definitely worth a try. Can’t say the same for their ice mocha unfortunately!

Our next meal came in the form of Burger Theory. Food trucks excite me. I love the food trucks back in Malaysia and the music playing of the bread truck that comes through my neighborhood in the evenings is usually a welcomed sound. Unfortunately food trucks seem to be a bit of a rarity in this country, though they are popping up around the place. Burger Theory is one of them. You can smell the amazing wafting smell of burgers way before you can see the truck! Walking up to it was pure torture and bliss in the same swift stroke and I was practically bouncing with eagerness by the time we got to the truck.

The burger itself had the most amazing bun. The toasted bread was to die for and if all bread was made like that, I would happily survive on just that for the rest of my life.

For dinner, we then visited Matsuri. I’ve long wanted to visit Matsuri as friends have told me that it was a delight. Matsuri is divided into western and traditional seating. Western meaning tables with chairs, traditional meaning sitting on the floor. Kneeling, if you prefer but Matsuri did have the holes in the floor for you to hang your feet into if kneeling wasn’t your cup of tea.

I delighted in the freshness of the sashimi and swooned over the garlic chicken. I did however moan the tiny portions of the sashimi and came to the conclusion that Suzuran is still the king of sushi and sashimi. Still, definitely worth a visit and I’d come again!

Eggless then followed for dessert, though this month’s tasting platter wasn’t quite up to my likings. I did like the panna cotta though, but it lacked a wow factor. Nonetheless, Eggless is always worth a revisit every single month and I have wrote about it before so feel free to read that review.

I think I’ll stop here for today. I’ll come back to tell you about our antics the next day soon! What did you get up to on your weekend? A friend of mine went for a holiday in turkey, the lucky duck.

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