Restaurant review: Zen House, Adelaide

Restaurant review: Zen House, Adelaide

Zen House Yum Cha Restaurant

(08) 8223 2058
17-19 Bent St
Adelaide, 5000
Zenhouse online

I will always fondly remember this place as the place I first met many of my new friends in Adelaide. You know how I love to organize meetups. Old friends will nod and agree that I have a thing for organizing things. I just love bringing people together. And Zen House was the spot for one of my first meetup spots for the beauty bloggers of Adelaide.

I’m not very well verse with Vegan food, but Vegetarian? Yes, definitely. Kev is practically a vegetarian, preferring not to eat meat as the texture of meat weirds him out. And me, I just love vegetables. So when I found out that there was a vegetarian yumcha, I was all over it.

This place does work somewhat differently from your typical yumcha experience though. I did feel bad as some of the girls who attended the meetup on the day mentioned that they had not been to a yumcha session before and this turned to be quite an atypical experience, not at all like what a yumcha session should be!

Instead of picking things up off rolling trolleys that pass you by, you actually pick things off a menu and then rock up to the counter to order what you’d like. Somewhat like a weekday yumcha in some restaurants, I guess. But if you just look at the size of the place, you’d understand. With our table of 10, we had the biggest table in the place and there were maybe 4 or 5 other smaller tables in the restaurant and that was it. Ah whoops, tiny place.

What I really, REALLY like about this place was the fact that they had a seemingly endless list of teas. What with the vegetarian yumcha and the long list of teas, Violet would have totally approved of this place. It was so hard to pick out which tea to go with as everything sounded incredibly yummy! I’d love to go back one day to just try the teas for the whole day. That would be bliss.

Service was quick, efficient and did I mention quick? It seemed like it took no time whatsoever between ordering at the counter before the first dishes appeared on the table. And as my orders came pouring in, I grinned sheepishly at my new comrades and admitted to the fact that I loved to eat and I loved to blog about what I ate.

I think this was the first meal in which I truly started to realise that what people have been telling me about Adelaide wasn’t true. Before I moved away from Melbourne, many have told me that it’d be impossible to find good food in Adelaide. You don’t really realise it when overseas, but in this country people seem to think Adelaide to be a bit of a joke. I really can’t understand why, because Adelaide is a beautiful, serene city (or big country town…) with cheap parking and amazing vegetarian yumcha!

I know we have vegetarian yumcha in Box hill every Sunday (the name of the restaurant slips me momentarily), but they are expensive! Zen House wasn’t expensive, resonably priced for yumcha and let me tell you, it was yummy!

Except the baos, maybe. They were a tad chewy. Whoops.

The menu was quite funny as well. We had a good giggle over ‘not-chicken’ chicken dishes. But I have to say, their mock meat dishes are fabulous! Incredibly tasty and even though I normally side step the fried foods, I could hardly keep from stuffing them all into my mouth that meal. They were that good.

And with good vegetarian food on the table, and a whole group of new friends to get to know, what more could I ask for really?

These were meant to be peking duck rolls. Or not-peking duck rolls. Or are they? You get my point. They weren’t that great, being a little chewy and not having the same sweetness that normal peking duck wraps would have. This was one of the two downfalls of the otherwise excellent meal.

So yummy, so yummy you wouldn’t believe. And that’s something I’ve noticed about Adelaide. There seems to be a greater variety of vegetarian and vegan places in Adelaide. Come on, Melbourne. I know your restaurants do serve vegetarian/vegan/gluten free dishes, but can we please have more specialized places? Love, Celeste.

Would I head back here? Yes, yes, yes! It was so good, I enjoyed myself greatly and would love to try some of their other dishes on the menu too. Oh and the teas. Can’t forget the teas. Which by the way, were really, really good.


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  1. The second time we met! It was yummy there :) PS – You’re not a fat pixie!

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