Advertorial: Magshop celebrates Mother’s Day

Advertorial: Magshop celebrates Mother’s Day

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Mum’s are always hard to give presents to. Or at least, my mum is. It’s not because she has everything. I could think of so many things she could use in her kitchen that she’d love for instance. But because it’s hard to decide what is good enough for her. It always seem that nothing is worthy enough of mum, so everytime Mother’s day rocks about, I’m stuck with a great big question and nothing to show for it.

And why should this year be any different? Absolutely no difference at all. Still a great big question and still nothing to show for it.

It wasn’t till I sat down to read my mags that I found my answer. I should also say thank you to K who heeded my constant whinges of “somebody buy me a gift mag subscription already” and got me a sub for Gourmet Traveller. Loving it!

But back to my topic at hand. A present for mum. To be honest, I wasn’t planning to hit upon inspiration through my usual mag readings. But sometimes inspiration comes from the strangest places.

While I was reading this month’s issue of Gourmet Traveller, it occurred to me that mum’s knowledge of pasta is rather limited to Spaghetti Bolognese. When we were growing up, I thought pasta was just another word for Spaghetti. If dad said we were having pasta, that meant we were having Spaghetti. Who knew that within pasta there’d be such an amazing range of differences? Ranging from different pastas, shapes and textures, to sauces.. creamy, spicy, tomato based ones.. the list goes on! I only learnt of all these when I came to Australia some 9 years ago. I was living under a very big rock, I can assure you.

Image from Recipes by sam 

So I’ve decided that for this year’s mother’s day, I’m bringing my mum on the most incredible food crawl ever. It will be the ‘ultimate Italian experience’ and it will let mum experience all the different types of pasta and different sauces, and hopefully experience the other beautiful parts of Italian cuisine as well. After all, Italian cuisine isn’t just about pasta, right?

Or you know.. I could just fly her to Italy.


Actually, I have a better idea. I’m just going to buy Mum her very own Gourmet Traveller subscription as then she’d stand the chance to win her own trip to Italy.

What do you think?

Here’s the official blurb for it:

A magazine subscription is the perfect Mother’s Day gift! Subscribe now to Woman’s Day or to Australian Gourmet Traveller and you could win a trip of a lifetime to Italy.

And to be honest, I’m always in favour of magazine subscriptions myself. I’m one of those folks who love love and absolutely love magazines but feel guilty buying a subscription for myself. But I’m very happy to buy them for others, and it doesn’t even break the bank! It’s the gift that keeps on giving every single month (until your subscription runs out that is…)

I mean, it doesn’t have to be a food magazine even. There are so many magazines these days, there’s gotta be something to suit your mum. So many different mags to choose from… don’t look at me. I want like 12 of them!

Don’t wait, do it now. Why? Because there’s discounts on selected titles, plus that trip to Italy to win. Did you think I was kidding? I wasn’t! Go, do it!


  1. Great idea for a gift. I never think of getting one for myself, I just pick them up ad-hoc at the supermarket depending on the cover art.
    Mark @ Cafe Campana recently posted..MasterChef Caption Contest

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