Review: Gami Chicken, Melbourne CBD

Review: Gami Chicken, Melbourne CBD

Gami Chicken and Beer
(03) 9671 3232
100 Lt Lonsdale St Melbourne 3000
Melbourne, 3000

Gami Online

K has a thing for fried chicken. And she’s been going on about Gami Chicken and Beer for awhile now, so after we checked out the Tutankhamun (which btw, you should totally go if you haven’t already. It blew me away!) we headed over to Gami’s for dinner.

Sitting there in Gami, I had a little issue wrapping my head around the fact that there wasn’t really dishes. It wasn’t really a proper dinner restaurant. I really should have looked at the website before coming, but I tend to not do that as I like to surprise myself.

Instead, it really reminded me of Karaoke places where it was beers and drinking snacks. Gami was like there, minus the Karaoke. Which was fine by me.

The house beer was really smooth. I really liked it and it went surprisingly well with the chicken too. They sell their beer in jugs as well and beer comes in these little barrels with a tap and all. Seeing as I had to drive, I stuck to the minimal amount of beer. Not without a great deal of reluctance tho!

Kimchi pancake! It could be that I was hungry or that it was really tasty but this tasted amazing. I loved it so so much. I’ve done kimchi pancakes myself but nothing like this. Nowhere near. This was amazing!!

The description for this dish is rather unglamorous. Three different grilled sausages. Tasty, tasty sausages. But at the end of the sausages, you just get to a point where it’s just “urgh protein overload….” because of how big the sausages are!

But I do realise that these are just distractions. Distractions from the main event which is …. CHICKEN!

Do you know how hard it is to blog about this when you are 600++ kms away from Gami and dying to go back to eat this, sore throat and all?

Because this was the one fried chicken to rule them all. Finger lickin’ good! KFC, eat your heart out. Your secret recipe will never be quite as awesome as the ones that Gami come up with!

And that was when I realised it. The beauty of Gami. You don’t need any other dishes. You don’t need rice. You don’t need anything else, to have a beautiful dinner of just fried chicken and beer. A match made in heaven, how did I ever live without you before?

Gami Chicken and Beer, best fried chicken in town? Oh yes, I do think so. (If you disagree, recommend me a place to beat Gami’s!)

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  1. hehe, I’m going again this week XD

  2. 600 km away? OMO!
    Michelle recently posted..Recipe- Caramel Chicken

  3. Fried chicken and beer… right, you have me sold!
    Agnes recently posted..Donwoori

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