Review: Chilli Padi Mamak Kopitiam Breakfast, Flemington

Review: Chilli Padi Mamak Kopitiam Breakfast, Flemington

Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam

(03) 9376 0228
295 Racecourse Rd
Kensington, 3031

There’s the one problem of living so far away from Melbourne. My whirlwind trips back to Melbourne tends to be packed full of eating and meeting up with friends and shopping to stock up. It means very very tiring trips back to Melbourne and after this term, I don’t know if I will be back in Melbourne quite so soon anymore other than for conferences. (There’s one in June, whee).

But it also means that I don’t get to eat at a lot of the new places that pop up, I’m behind and often just out of the loop and I don’t get to go to the gatherings the food bloggers have every so often anymore. Gutted is an understatement.

Life goes on, however. And you learn to make do. So I made do by dragging my friends out to Chilli Padi Mamak Kopitiam one Sunday morning for breakfast. Driving across town to Flemington is hardly something I look forward to doing on a Sunday morning but for a mamak breakfast in Melbourne, I will do it! *pumps fist*

This is a terrible photo of their menu. The menu seems a little odd in some entries : should that be Sarapan, instead of Serapan for instance? I did think that perhaps Serapan was the Bahasa Indonesian way of spelling it but some rifling through the online indonesian dictionary brought nothing to light. Perhaps you can help? And is Black Rice supposed to be Pulut Hitam?

At any rate, we ordered our breakfast and me being me, I rashly decided that we would order half the menu. Namely, the half that were actually from mamak origins. That basically meant the whole bottom half of the menu appeared on our table , sans the Black Rice.

Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik 

Nasi Lemak 

That Nasi Lemak was amazing. I loved it so. Yummy! I couldn’t decide which I liked better after awhile. They were all pretty darn good. Better, in fact than the dishes I’ve had during the dinner offerings. The service was better too. I was loving my time there.

Roti Canai 

This was good as well. Though the fact that Canai is spelt with a H on the menu niggles at me.

About the only thing that was disappointing that morning was the Kaya Toast and half boiled eggs. My dining mates and I all agreed that the toast was too thick and the crust distracting. That would have been okay with me, but the eggs! My favourite dish of all, those eggs were more than just half boiled. They were way too set, and was also the only thing I forgot to take photos of as I was sadly poking at them and forgot about photos.

But it doesn’t matter so much when the rest had been such brilliant dishes. At the end of the day, we were stuffed and bursting at the seams. Happy, because of all the incredibly tasty dishes and contented because our tummies were well and truly at its max capacity. But how could you have a mamak breakfast and not wash it down with a sticky and sweet Teh Tarik?

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  1. Really enjoy the breakfast menu, something different and very tasty, will be back for breakfast soon. Meet you there?

  2. I live 10 minutes away from this place. walking distance!
    Michelle recently posted..Simply Cooking- Braised Five Spice Chicken and Stir-fry sea plant- Pepper and Mushroom

  3. Food looks amazing! I have yet to go there. So which tram can I take to reach? or train is easier?

    I think it is tram 57 right? I am not sure.
    Calvin Chong recently posted..Bad Bad Blogger and Easter Is Coming!

  4. That’s how it is with when we go back to Sydney. Although I usually don’t have time to go to all the places I want to as we are usually there for an event. The nasi lemak looks great and something I would definitely love to eat for breakfast.
    Susan recently posted..Chicken and Haloumi

  5. Oh my goodness that Nasi Lemak looks insane!!! The Kaya Toast looks interesting too, never seen anything like this served at a Malaysian restaurant before. I have a lot to learn :)
    Heidi xo
    Heidi – Apples Under My Bed recently posted..An Early City Breakfast at Cumulus Inc

  6. THAT is not a kaya toast.. at least not the kaya toast that I know from Malaysia.. and yeah you are right, it should be sarapan! HmMmmmMMmmm
    msihua recently posted..Dongpo Pork Braised Pork Belly Recipe – A Dark Version

  7. Dodgy spelling irritates me a lot, but I would probably have been able to swallow my irritation in order to swallow these meals ;)

    Have never had proper kaya toast, let alone not-right kaya toast! I look forward to the day I rectify this..
    Conor @ Hold the Beef recently posted..MaltEaster and a case of the CRAPS

  8. Madison Miller says:

    I love your breakfast menu, mine, is different than yours I personally have breakfast with fried rice with egg and a simple coffee. That’s it! Like your breakfast menu, I’ll have this one too.
    Madison Miller recently posted..CNA Training

  9. Just came across your blog today, and you have real nice pictures and solid reviews ;) Keep on blogging Celeste! :D

    P.S. You from Msia?

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