Review: Windsor High Tea @ Melbourne CBD, Australia

Review: Windsor High Tea @ Melbourne CBD, Australia

The Hotel Windsor
111 Spring Street
Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia

Telephone: + 61 3  9633 6000




I love High Tea. There’s no two way about it. I adore having an afternoon out with the girls in a beautiful setting to sip on my tea….

You might be interested in my experience at Langham High Tea(Not Good) and Dolls at the Mount(Amazing). I am slowly collecting reviews of all high tea places around town. Have another one up my sleeve after today’s review on the Windsor!

There is no two way about it. The Windsor is beautiful. If you wanted High Tea in an amazingly elegant and beautiful surroundings then Windsor is your place to go. This is of course, before we start talking about the food. I thought I had photos of the inside, but apparently not. Instead you get a photo of how our table was laid out when we arrived at our table.

With an adorable old man tickling the ivories on the grand piano, we are started off with our high tea with a glass of bubblies. So unmemorable was this glass of bubblies that I don’t even remember what it was anymore. It was dry, it was not very nice and none of us finished it. Not a nice note to start on!

Then our silver three tier of savouries arrived. Dearie me, my photos seem to all be missing. I did manage to retrieve this one photo of the scones. Again, nothing memorable. They were nicer than Langham’s rocks aka scones, but still not as good as Dolls At the Mount.

The sandwiches were (hallelujah) not made of just butter, each of them tasting pretty fresh. No complaints there, I was happy! The little pies were alright. Nothing to write home about.

We got through most of the savouries without any tea. Not because we didn’t want it, more because we weren’t given any. At long last the waitress popped by to take our tea order. I do loved the teas that were up on offer though : such beautiful sounding teas!

Really wish they had started taking tea orders earlier, I’d have loved to go for quite a different types through the whole session.

Obligatory shot of the chocolate fountain. Definitely eye catching, it was the tallest thing in the whole room! Mmmm. Have more shots of the different desserts up on offer:

The one thing I really appreciated about these desserts were that they weren’t the Sugar Bombs I experienced at The Langham. For that, I will be eternally grateful. I wouldn’t say they were particularly mindblowing but they were pleasant in that they weren’t overly sweet. They were very rich tho, especially the chocolate desserts.

One thing I did find incredibly sweet : the fact that they went around to every table to ask if someone on the table had a birthday. It so happened that it was my birthday soon and my lovely friends told them it was my birthday while I was away oogling at the dessert table. So when this arrived… I got a huge surprise.

I was absolutely delighted. It’s such a sweet thing to do! And seeing as I moved away to the country before my birthday, I never did get my birthday cake nor celebrations so this was the closest I did get to a celebration. And I loved every minute of it. Thank you girls!

So in conclusion? I’ll go to Windsor for the atmosphere, for the surroundings and not for the food. If you want mind blowing food, and I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Go to Dolls At the Mount. Address and contact details can be found here.


  1. What a lovely birthday treat! The food looks amazing (despite not being mindblowingly delicious). Great review. It does look very elegant!
    Heidi xo
    Heidi – Apples Under My Bed recently posted..My Foray into Footscray

  2. not too sweet is awesome =). i was so disappointed when ppl said langham high tea was bad. now i have a place to look forward to.
    Allan recently posted..LuxBite – macarons

  3. For me, the best place for tea would be Westin. Two years ago, I had a sugar bomb experience at the Windsor.
    Michelle recently posted..Review- Breakfast @ Foong Foong Yong Tau Foo- Ampang

  4. I went for the Windsor’s High Tea two years back, and I was also unimpressed. I’m a little disappointed to hear that the service nor food has improved since then. Though I do agree that the environment is quite grand, and I’m glad you enjoyed your company there.
    Siera recently posted..Omakes of singing out our youth!

  5. Aww.. maybe I should have gone with you girls as well!!! bUt.. not worth it.. no matter how good those sandwiches were (AND I LOVED THEM!), can’t go back…
    msihua recently posted..Nonya Tamarind Pork Nonya Babi Assam Garam Recipe

  6. I haven’t had high tea for years. I should really seek out one in Canberra. The chocolate tart looks delicious.
    Susan recently posted..Chicken and Haloumi

  7. Overpriced and definitely overrated. Really enjoyed the company of a special friend though with the enjoyable background music from a talented pianist.

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