Review: The Roast Kitchen @ Kew, Melbourne.

Review: The Roast Kitchen @ Kew, Melbourne.

Roast Kitchen
(03) 9855 1820
259 High St
Kew, 3101

My family isn’t one of those to have Sunday Roast. Sometimes I wish we did. I grew up with my nose buried in books and the sunday roasts that the characters in story books used to talk about would fill my imagination with wonders. However, back then, it’s really a case of “can’t miss what you’ve never had”. So I never really knew what I was missing out on.

There is a certain charm, a certain beauty about a good roast. Something hearty, something rustic and something absolutely delicious. And that crunch and crack of a good crackling! Gosh, that sends shivers down my spine.

I don’t know what brought it on anymore. But there was a good ol’ hankering for some really amazing crackling and my favourite roast-to-buy takeaway had closed its door forever. Thankfully a dear friend recommended The Roast Kitchen. “Good Roast!” she said. I was so there.

So one Sunday saw K and I zipping along to Kew. It’s a fair way to go for Roast, but I’ll travel almost anywhere for a good chow, really.

Stepping in, wafts of beautiful smells came to greet us from within. Greatly encouraged by what we saw in the window, we started to debate exactly what we would choose to have for lunch. It’s hard to decide, there’s way too many to decide!

The other thing that I really liked about this place was the simple but decidedly homely decor. It was very cozy and made me feel quite at ease. How cute is it?!

But you can’t eat decor. So how was the food?

Good. Awesome. Delicious. Freaking amazing. Crackle-licious. I could go on and on. I’d love to go right back! The meats were beautifully tender and not dry at all. Some roasts can get a bit dry, but this wasn’t. Love, love, love, I’ll go right back!

Try it out! My housemate hasn’t tried it yet so I think I’ll have to make another visit during the April holidays. Such a pain , I know. *grins*

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  1. I was just thinking about going again…

  2. Kew shouldn’t be far from North Melbourne right? I want to have sunday roast!
    Michelle recently posted..Recipe- Braised Guinness Pork

  3. Oooo… yes please… call me along to when you come back into town… will be happy with anything except if it’s roast beef, I’m all up for it!
    msihua recently posted..International Incident Nostalgia Party – Bak Chang Glutinous Rice Dumpling

  4. when did this place open up? i never saw this place before. although i haven’t been down to kew for a while hm…
    Allan recently posted..St Ali – breakfast in South Melb

    • Not sure! I didn’t even notice it when I drove past. Goes to show how much attention I pay to the roads and not to my surroundings… go try it out! It’s yummmmmy.

  5. oooh how wonderful! I have such fond memories of the Sunday roast :) Luckily my family had it almost every week!
    Lisa recently posted..Fig Jam Tart wheat free

  6. Oh lovely! I’ve driven past there a million times but never been in. The roasts look great!

    xox Sarah
    Sarah recently posted..Barossas Table- Pizza-Making with Damon Deruiter

  7. What a great idea! I think I would like some sauce all over my roast pork though
    Susan recently posted..Tomato Chicken Rice Soup

  8. I was bought up with Sunday Roast and up until 18 months my Mum who is now 89 still used to do a sunday roast. She said lately it is to much bother, so my sister has it on now, but my mum has always loved to cook. UNfortunately I hate cooking so how do I get to Kew from Melbourne city. The roasts look delicious, especially that crackling on that piece of Pork!
    Travellyn recently posted..Visit Milawa Gourmet Region NE Victoria Milawa Cheese Company

  9. I’ve been dropping into the Roast Kitchen after gym for about a year now for one thing: a guy who works there called James. He’s tall and beautiful, with an incredibly warm, disarming smile, and I always enjoy flirting with him while he, serves!, while my boyfriend looks on. Unfortunately he is quitting this Wednesday to focus on his PhD :(

    Food is fine – not really my style. I usually give most to my boyfriend (he likes it).

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