Review: Pho Hung Vuong

Review: Pho Hung Vuong

Pho Hung Vuong
(03) 9558 5147
Shop 2 / 15 Balmoral Avenue
Springvale, 3171

Pho Hung Vuong is a small little place in the midst of Springvale Junction. It may be small, but you can hardly call it quiet. It is constantly hustling and bustling, partly thanks to its fame and popularity, partly thanks to the constant traffic through the local market that sits just a few minutes down the road.

Pho Hung is opened for lunch and dinner, but if you want a bowl of pho for dinner, you will have to pray really hard that they’ve had a slow day. Many a times, I’ve walked in only to be told that “we’ve run out of noodles”. Nothing blows quite so hard when you are craving a bowl of piping hot soup and slippery rice noodles as hearing that they are sold out for the day.

Before Pho Hung Vuong, my only experience of Pho was Mekong in the city. And now that I have had Pho Hung’s pho, I find myself frowning at other phos. I’ve tried a few other places but nobody has come close just yet.

Rice noodles at Pho Hung are slippery ribbons that slide down your throat with hardly any effort. The soup is full bodied and packs a punch of flavour with every mouthful. Perhaps the most important thing to note is that there are no off-putting oil slicks floating at the top of the rich soup. The beef is tender and sliced with such finesse. My only gripe is the beef sausage – not quite my favourite sausage and it can contain hard bits in it that throws me off. And if you like spring onion, you will be guaranteed of a very generous helping of spring onion scattered over the soup and noodles.

The usual condiments of chilli, a mountain of beansprouts, lemon and Vietnamese mint usually makes it to the table first. Before the conversation can start on a new topic, the bowls of noodles will already have arrived. Service at Pho Hung is amazingly fast – who says fast food can’t be good food? The only times I’ve ever had issues with the service was during the peak lunch hour period where a waiter or waitress might be flying by too fast to catch your slight wiggle of a finger. But with free flow of piping hot tea and such awesomely good food, I think I’m quite happy to overlook the occasional slip up in service.

Pho Hung does have other dishes of course. Their spring rolls for instance, are beautifully done and wonderfully crispy. Still, they aren’t the main show and it is hard to find other patrons eating anything other than pho at Pho Hung. A word of warning, pho at Pho Hung comes in 3 sizes: small, medium and large. The small is large and the large is out of this world. The large portion could probably feed 3 of me at any one time, so do keep that in mind when you are ordering at Pho Hung.

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  2. ooh delicious! Just what I feel like now. I usually go 2 doors up. I’ll have to try these guys out, thanks!
    Heidi xo
    Heidi – Apples Under My Bed recently posted..One Whirlwind Day in Ho Chi Minh City- Part 1

  3. oh man… I haven’t have poh in-pohages! :P

  4. Springvale is totally out of my radar!!!
    Michelle Chin recently posted..Review- Lunch @ Ampang Homeland Yong Tau Foo SDN BHD

  5. Now I need a pho fix!
    penny aka jeroxie recently posted..Meatless Mondays – Double broccoli with Israeli couscous

  6. Michele, are you going to eat Poh from Masterchef :-)

    Celeste, of all the pho places in Springvale, I think this one is the best.
    Thanh recently posted..Pan Asian – Nuffnang Bloggers Meet Up

  7. I love sitting in places that I know to have ridiculously gigantic serving sizes, and watching the reaction of people who have not realised the epicness and ordered large sizes :D
    Conor @ Hold the Beef recently posted..International Sundae Incident – Snagga Split

  8. Oh how I feel like a big bowl of Pho now. I don’t know how people finish these soups though. I have yet to ever finish a bowl in all my years..
    Susan recently posted..Fresh Spring Rolls

    • YUM. I went back to melbourne and indulged myself in a larger-than-usual bowl of pho. I thought I was about to die tho, so full…

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