Travelling in Gumboots: Making the move.

Travelling in Gumboots: Making the move.

So I’ve made the move.

For many years, I’m often heard saying : “One day, I’ll move to the country. I really want to.”
And so I did it.

Did we forget that this was a travel blog too? Well, we probably did, given the amount of eating we do around here in Melbourne. But this is indeed a travel blog too, so you will be hearing a lot about my country adventures. So much so that I decided to start a weekly column called Travelling in Gumboots. Booyah! (And if I’m any good with my schedules, it will be up every friday!)

Not many people will make the move. You hear of country folks going to the city, but it’s not often you hear of it being the other way around. Of course, the government’s been encouraging folks to go rural for ages, but ask yourself this: would you do it?

It’s a hard drive up to Murrayville. That is, hard if you do what I’ve been doing for the past few times – a continuous 7 hours drive from where I (used to) stay in Melbourne, with only 3 stops in between. Each stop less than 5 minutes which is really just so I can stretch my legs and find the nearest toilet. Hard if you are doing it alone, and hard because it’s a pretty darn straight roads, and it doesn’t take a genius to work out what happens when fast moving cars, boring roads and pencil straight roads come together. You get a sleepy driver, and a recipe to disaster. Just a couple months ago, a family in a caravan went off the road near Murrayville – dad fell asleep at the wheel. Unfortunately for them, it was fatal. But I took all the precautions: I slept as early as I could, I drank lots of water and I had music blasting the whole way through. And when I felt sleepy, I called a mate. And I’m here safely!

I couldn’t take photos of the drive up obviously, so I thought I’d show a few quick shots of my new town.

Here’s the side of the hotel/motel/pub of the town. It’s on the highway and you can see it from this front photo here:

source: Gdaypubs

Along the highway, there’s the garage / petrol station, a small cafe, the currently closed IGA (that will hopefully be opened up again very soon!), the hotel/motel and not very much else!
Take a left after the hotel/motel and you will head up this street:

A bank, an op shop, a newsagent, a gift shop, and even a craft supplies shop down at the end of the road. What more do you need?

Okay, maybe a post office. This post office is so cute. The inside is old school post office complete with big wooden desks and pigeon holes and manual mail sorting. I love it! Oh but there’s no mail delivery in this town, which is not a problem since the post office is very near to the school – a quick run over from school after work is all it takes!

In the middle of the town sits the park. This is where a lot of the town events take place – I was here for my first town event just this Wednesday for the Australia Day breakfast. Lovely time for the town folks to catch up, sit back and relax for a morning together. I love it!

I live on the fringe of the town, in what the locals call Teacherville as most of the teachers who live in town live on the same street. It’s a 2 bedroom unit which is bigger than my place down in the city but how much does it cost? A mere 80 dollars a week. Take that, hideous rental city rates!

And to wrap it all up, here’s a photo of one (or two!) of my new neighbours. Here’s Bandit (the grey horse) and Buddy (the pony)!

Till the next segment of Travelling In GumBoots!

p/s: the incredibly cute gumboot drawing is by the amazing Violet!


  1. So did Buddy and Bandit help you move the fridge in? XD
    Sefie recently posted..Kulinarya Cooking Challenge – Rellenos Part One

  2. Very much looking forward to your review of Nanna’s – and the Australia Day breakfast, and the local CWA scone baking competition? There is a local CWA isn’t there? You are joining aren’t you? *sigh* reasons to live in the country.

    • Nanna’s is unfortunately closed and the business is up for sale. Sorry! I didn’t get any photos of the Australia day breakfast, but hopefully the town photographer will have some. We don’t have a local CWA, but the next town over does, so I’m looking to join theirs!

      It’s gonna be awesome!

  3. Celest, it’s really brave of you to step out of your comfort zone. Wishing you success and happiness (lots of it!) in this new chapter of your life!
    Ju recently posted..Panfried Prawns In Soya Sauce For My Cooking Hut

    • Thanks Ju! Trust me, it was done with plenty of nervous breakdowns and fits of crying where I’m hysterical and thinking “omg what have I done!”

  4. Maya@Foodiva's Kitchen says:

    This is what most people want to do, but don’t have the courage to leave all that they’re familiar with. Kudos to you! The town looks so quaint and your neighbors seem very welcoming. Hope they have a pool there so you can continue your swimming lessons!

    • They do have a pool but nobody to teach me! *nervous* But I’ll definitely try to keep on swimming – it’s too good a skill to lose!

  5. Wow, what a fantastic adventure. Good on you! When people say they are moving to the country, you assume it is the spa country or somewhere leafy and green. You have really put yourself out there and are going to have a really genuine country experience. I look forward to following more adventures from Travelling with Gumboots!
    Lauren aka Ms Baklover recently posted..Quang Vinh

    • Haha, nay, nothing leafy or green about this town! It’s right in the middle of two big deserts, so it’s pretty out in the bush! This is gonna be a great year!

  6. Oh what a move, good on you. Such a cute country town. I totally agree that those long STRAIGHT roads are terrible when you have a long drive on them. Wishing you the best of luck on the move.
    sara @ Belly Rumbles recently posted..The Teahouse – Camellia Gardens

  7. I love it! I can’t wait for the next gumboot adventure.. you’re turning hippy on me Celeste!!!
    msihua recently posted..Mamasita Review @ Collins Street Melbourne

  8. Glad you made it safely to your new home. I had to look it up on Google maps and it looks like you are right next to the Big Desert. Thanks to my terrible spelling i almost said the Big Dessert, which I imagine to be a ultra large kickerbocker glory, the size of the Big Pineapple.
    Ed recently posted..In for a gram&8230in for a pound

  9. Wow, what a big change! Is it a permanent move? Looking forward to reading about your adventures…especially CWA adventures.

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