Review: Orient Express, Crown Melbourne.

Review: Orient Express, Crown Melbourne.

The ad:

Orient Express brings a world first exclusively to Crown Melbourne with the very first Sushi Train which will serve both HOT and COLD dishes. Along with the traditional sashimi and sushi, this train serves hot dishes inc. yum cha, tempura, Teppanyaki & Thai noodles and much more.

It sounded so promising. The ads showed a double decker sushi train that excited the sushi train nerd in me. I love sushi trains. Ever since being in Japan, I have had an obsession with them. Unfortunately we don’t have good Sushi trains in Melbourne, so I was really hoping this would be good. Crossing my fingers and squeezing my eyes tight praying.

It was not to be.

I visited Orient Express one Friday. For a friday night and in Crown, it was surprisingly quiet. That should have been my first warning sign. But I was oblivious and delirious with joy at the prospect that I’d be having Japanese food. I do so love it.

We took our seats and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Oh hey! Here’s the first plate.

How simple is this, and how impossible was this to screw up? This would be a safe starter, I thought. How wrong was I. This was bland, tasteless and not very appetizing at all. So much for an appetizer.

The amount of food on the conveyer belts (both top and bottom!) was few and looked pretty pathetic. They didn’t look appetizing, the serving size was small and the more I watch the dishes chugged slowly by, the more my heart sank. A magical night it was not meant to be.

Salmon, not fresh. No sweetness, no joy. Rice, stale.

About the only thing I had that night that I didn’t feel disappointed with was the Tamago sushi. So I loaded myself up with it. Thankfully this was tasty and edible. But really, the quality of food at this place is appalling. And it’s in Crown! Not to mention, the wasabi wasn’t fresh and was packet stuff that the takeaways dish out.

Not happy Celeste wasn’t happy.

There’s not much else to say about this place. It just didn’t appeal, and it sure didn’t excite. As we were leaving, more folks walked in. And I really wonder how many return customers this place gets. What a waste of a meal. And that hot thing? Didn’t even keep food all that hot. Bleh.

Orient Express

(03) 9645 9959
Crown Entertainment Complex,
8 Whiteman Street
Melbourne, 3006
Web: Orient Express

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  2. Hi Celeste! Sorry to hear you had a bad experience :(

    I actually love this place. A bit pricey, and chairs are rather uncomfortable, lol but I loved having both the hot and cold food options. Perhaps you went on a bad night .. when I was there the hot train came out with abundant Salt & Pepper Squid / Chicken Spare Ribs and the sushi was ok. But I admit I didn’t go there for the sushi, lol. I just wanted hot little chinese food thingys, haha. And they had alright desserts.

    But you’re right – the sushi is pretty average :(
    .-= Kimba’s Kitchen´s last blog ..Mexican Eggs with Chorizo and Kumara Recipe =-.

  3. D: This happens to me sometimes.
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..Simply Cooking: Marmite/Bovirl Pork Chop =-.

  4. Oh noes! Seaweed salad is one of my most favouriterest Japanese dishes ever. How DARE they mess it up! :O
    .-= Hannah´s last blog ..HouseGuest Rules and Maggie Beer Burnt Fig Honeycomb and Caramel Ice Cream =-.

  5. Was excited when I saw the FB feed that you’d done another review for Japanese, and a nice place at that. Disappointed now reading through your review ;o; <3
    .-= Leila´s last blog .. =-.

  6. yeh, I’m wary of eating at sushi trains in melb, or buffets for that matter =P
    .-= Allan´s last blog ..SaiKung Seafood =-.

  7. oh thanks for the heads up coz i was gonna try this place coz its nearby! that’s terrible :( i adooore jap food too but i find good jap food in melb rather hard to come by? do you have any recommendations? )
    .-= Vivienne´s last blog ..Japanese beef and potato stew with konnyaku noodle =-.

    • Good jap food? There’s quite a few good ones! Don Too has good ramen, or Ramen ya (tho I don’t think they are as good as Don Too, but others may differ in opinion)… there’s so many! I should just email you the list XD

  8. Oh crapola what a shamozzle :( And you were so excited too! Boo to them!
    .-= Conor @ Hold the Beef´s last blog ..An Old Friend and a New Addiction =-.

  9. Oh no… I don’t like the let down feeling too. Hope better experience somewhere else next time.
    .-= Ellie (Almost Bourdain)´s last blog ..Baked Lemon Ricotta Doughnuts Daring Bakers’ Challenge October 2010 =-.

  10. Argh bad sushi train = unhappy Lisa too!! Luckily we had an amazing time at a sushi train in Sydney recently. The chefs were all in the middle and we could actually watch them prepare all the delicious plates!
    .-= Lisa (bakebikeblog)´s last blog ..Wedding adventures – part 1 =-.


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  2. [...] We used to have Kaiten Sushi in Melbourne. Well, we still do, but the one I usually go to is no longer under the same chef and is no longer good. There’s another one on little collins but I’m yet to try it. There’s the one in Crown, but it really isn’t nice. [...]

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