Review: Ripe Cafe in Sassafras, Dandenong.

Review: Ripe Cafe in Sassafras, Dandenong.

Everybody rushes to Miss Marple’s because let’s face it. An english cottage in a quaint little town is much more appealing to have tea in than the tiny not-so-shiny shops next to it.

As a result, many will overlook the treasures and the amazing gems that these tiny shops hide within them. Like Ripe cafe, who is literally just a few steps away from the always-crowded Miss Marple’s. But those in the know will know that Ripe is the cafe to be at. And not its imposing and often way-too-crowded neighbour.

Entering Ripe, one is greeted by jars and jars of jam, conserve, chutney and other local produce. The dining hall doesn’t sit many, but the roaring fire in the midst of the room makes the entire room warm and welcoming. It made us feel immediately at ease, especially with the rather heavy fog creeping onto us.

Settling down in front of the crackling fire, I wriggled my toes happily as I spotted the lemon tart grinning widely at me through their display counter. I knew what I was having for tea!

My afternoon tea mates were the usual housemate tag-along, Violet and Jimmy America. Lovely company, beautiful settings, roaring fire and a lemon tart to cuddle. What more could a girl ask for on a Sunday afternoon?

Jimmy and Violet ordered a sandwich. I’m afraid to say that I have forgotten which sandwich it was. My focus of the afternoon was most delightfully focused on the lemon tart that I was already eating with my eyes, so have a delightfully blurred photo for this nameless sandwich.

I didn’t taste it, so I can’t vouch for it. But I do believe Jimmy and Violet both enjoyed it.

But let’s move on to my dish. Lemon tart.

I should explain the obsession: at the time we visited Ripe, I was craving Lemon Tart. Major Craving.

I tried to hunt down lemon tarts in my area, but was terribly disheartened after tasting a particularly tasteless and unsatisfactory Lemon Tart at Chadstone. I could have made my own, but I didn’t feel inspired to make it. I just wanted to eat it.

So how did the lemon tart at Ripe fare? It was amazing. Every bit as sweet and as tart as I wanted it to be. It was a foodgasm in my mouth and I was in 7th heaven. Lemon Tart? Oh yeah, baby.

That hit the spot so well, it cured the craving immediately and I haven’t craved lemon tart since. And if I did, I know where I’d be going for my hit. Oh Ripe.

*wipes drool off keyboard*

The housemate ordered an Apple and Rhubarb Crumble. Unfortunately, this was after my crumble adventure, so this crumble really fell flat. It just didn’t pack a punch like our crumble did.

So we won some, and we lost some. But I’ve heard that their Baguettes are to-die-for, so I’ll most definitely be back to try it out again. Besides, who can say no to warm lazy Sunday afternoons and the most delightful teas?

Ripe – Australian Produce

(03) 9755 2100
Mount Dandenong
376-378 Mount Dandenong Rd
Sassafras, 3787

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  1. [New Post] Review: Ripe Cafe in Sassafras, Dandenong. – via #twitoaster

  2. oooh Mum and I are always looking for new places to visit when we are up that way! Will have to give Ripe Cafe a try!
    .-= Lisa (bakebikeblog)´s last blog ..7 reasons why I love public holidays… =-.

    • I tend to always go back to the same places, but have been trying to be more adventurous and venture to other places. There are so many places to try on the mountains, so why limit yourself by sticking to just one place right? =D

  3. A friend of mine made a fantastic lemon tart for us the other day, and it looked just like this. I think it’s harder looking at these photos with the taste so fresh in my mind!
    .-= Conor @ HoldtheBeef´s last blog ..Muff of Satisfaction =-.

  4. If I’m remembering correctly, the sandwich was brie, prosciutto and quince paste. It was really good though the bread was very pointy and a bit tough :D
    .-= Violet´s last blog ..Tutorial- Rose Print Nail Art =-.

    • Ooh tough bread. D: I don’t like tough breads. Maybe I’ll skip them then XD

    • Oh my gosh! When I saw that photo I immediately knew which baguette that was! And you’re right! It’s still on their menu and my gosh, thank god it is! It is sooo delicious. You’re right about the bread being quite tough, my jaw almost fell off by the end of all of that chewing, but I kinda of liked it to be honest! Mmmmm…

  5. ok pretty much going there for lemon tart asap :)
    Heidi xo

  6. Oh, we went to ripe for breakfast and it was really good. loved the cozy atmosphere and all the home made jams at the counter =)
    .-= petite carousel´s last blog ..A reveal…soon! =-.

  7. I love the look of the apple and rhubarb crumble, I’ve only been to the dandenongs a few times, it’s quite a lovely little town

    • There’s quite a few quaint little towns in the Dandenong Ranges. Sassafras has the ever famous Miss Marples of course, but Ripe is much better really ;p And of course there’s Olinda where Pie in the Sky is located. Used to be pretty good but the standard’s gone down unfortunately!


  1. [...] 第二日,早上去了Dandenong Range的RIPE,热巧克力真的很特别,完全amazing,完全惊喜,完全推荐。这里像极了《Twilight》那个森林的感觉,树又高又直,然后偶尔会从树中间冒出一个小屋。从Ripe出来去了St kilda beach, 墨尔本海边这几个富人区真是极其诱人,房子虽然是很贵,但却贵的很有道理,路都宽宽的,伴着不太温柔却很干净的大海,真的会让人产生住一辈子不离开的想法。晚上的TAKUMI,又一次被wagyu催眠了,自从和Gab他们一起上了这条贼船,就真的戒不掉了,再这样下去真的买不起房上不起学了,钱都捐给日本人给牛做按摩了。回家和他们两个psycho看了”American Psycho”,惊悚片真的不能看蓝光的,会更恶心。到现在我满脑子都是挂了一衣橱的尸体,这片讲述的是一个意淫的psycho如何杀人的故事,有兴趣可以看一下,结尾比较囧。 [...]

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