Review: Cookie, Melbourne.

It was the housemate’s birthday and we were geared up to go to Mamasita. But that was not to be as Mamasita was packed with a 2 hour wait at the door and hungry tummies will wait for none, not even a much-hyped about mexican restaurant.

So upon K‘s recommendation, we headed to Cookie instead. Of course, not having a booking makes things slightly tricky but the waiter who was sporting a spoon and celery in his hair wasn’t fazed in the slightest. Cheerfully, he told us that if we found ourselves a table on the bar side of the room and ordered at the bar, we could still get our dinner. So we did just that.

Word of warning: the lighting was really really bad. And I don’t carry flashes around. So please just .. try and ignore the bad quality photos!

For starters we got the cauliflower bruschetta. What I didn’t realise was that it was a lone, solitary bruschetta. A teeny bit expensive at $14.90 per pop. I had requested for there to be no anchovies in the brushchetta as the birthday boy hardly eats meat, let alone seafood. After some artful dividing of the bruschetta into the necessary number of portions, I took my first bite.

Now, cauliflower (and anchovies) is about the last thing I’d put on a bruschetta. I was skeptical but my first bite blew that skepticism out of the water. It was incredibly tasty, absolutely heavenly and never shall I question the wisdom of cauliflower bruschettas. I bow to the masters.

Next up was the cabbage rolls filled with shiitake mushrooms and bean curd ($13.90). These were a little bland. I’m not quite sure why as it was definitely stuffed full of normally yummy ingredients. But it didn’t really hit the mark, pity.

For mains we shared:

Coconut rice ($3.50) – can’t go wrong with that. This was yummy! But if you were merely judging coconut rice, I’d rather go to Destiny Cafe, much more fragrant.

Stir fried pork belly with red curry, kaffir lime and bean ($23.50) – were a let down. The pork belly was chewy, not tender. And it lacked the satisfying crunch of the skin. The red curry on the other hand was very tasty. Awesome sauce for the rice! Tho I must note, tasty but not spicy. Lacking the kick that I crave from my curries.

One of the dishes I was looking forward to the most – Wild mushroom salad with coriander, mint, lime and chilli ($13.50). Again, the chilli lacked the punch I was hoping for but the mushrooms did not fail to impress. Too bad about the tiny tiny portion tho.

I think the best part about being in Cookie is the atmosphere and the drinks. While the food was nice, it wasn’t particularly memorable, and a mere one month later, I’m struggling to remember the meal.

I wouldn’t go for the food, but I’d definitely go for the drinks again.

252 Swanston St
Melbourne, 3000
Tel: 9663 7660

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  1. I went here last time I was in Melbourne, and was blown away by the flavours of my dish. A shame you didn’t have the same experience! I was also blown away by the size of the menu. It took far too much brain work to reach a decision (and you could possibly kill someone with the drinks menu, it’s that big).
    .-= Conor @ HoldtheBeef´s last blog ..New Mexico – now with more cheese- =-.

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