International Incident: Pizza Pie

When Penny (from jeroxie) first mentioned pizza pie to me, my imagination started running. I’ve never heard of the term before and I was told that it was gaining popularity in Canada. So what was it actually?

Was it a pie with a pizza filling, or was it a pizza with a thick crust like a pie? If you think about it, we have meat pies, vege pies, pumpkin pies in which the names usually refer to pies with different fillings, so by that token, pizza pie should really just mean pies with pizza (toppings) filling.

So that’s the idea for pizza pie. However, when I started researching and planning my pizza pie, one idea stuck out like a sore thumb and it wouldn’t go away. It might not quite be what a pizza pie should be, but these things are open to interpretation isn’t it? That’s my argument anyways, and I went with it.

International Pizza Pie Incident Party

Pizza Pie with Lasagna filling
Serves: 3


Lasagna sheets

To prepare lasagna sheets, soak them in hot water for 15 minutes. This ensures that there is sufficient moisture in your lasagna and prevent it from burning.

Meat filling
250g mince beef
25g sundried tomatoes, chopped
1 carrot, grated
1 medium onion, diced

Mix and saute till mince beef browns.

Cheese filling
350g of grated tasty cheddar cheese
1 tbsp of parsley
1 Egg
1 tsp grated nutmeg

Mix nutmeg in with the cheese before adding the egg and parsley.

Pizza toppings

10 slices of hot salami
25g of black olives (sliced)
25g of sliced mushrooms
Tomato puree
Mozzarella (shredded)

I tried to make a pie crust. Really. I even have photos to prove it. But it wouldn’t knead into a dough. It kept crumbling and not sticking together. Was it a case of too little water, or too much water? I couldn’t work it out; could anybody tell me why? I’m really bad at pastry making. Argh.

By the time I gave up on the fail pie-crust-that-wasn’t-to-be, it was late and I was hungry and slightly desperate. In a last ditch attempt at making something edible for dinner and not have to resort to pizza hut (god forbid), I made a mad dash to Coles and got myself some Fillo Pastry. This worked like a charm and I might just keep making my pizza pies these way tho I do wish my pie crust had worked and I had found that I had a hidden talent for pie crust making.


1. Layer a 24cm pie pan / dish with Fillo pastry. Line each layer at a 90 degree angle to the previous layer, buttering after every 2nd layer. Make sure to tuck the pastry sheet into the pan. I did about 12 sheets of pastry before starting on the pie filling.

2. Start with a layer of meat filling, then the cheese filling followed by a layer of lasagna sheets, making sure to cover the meat layer completely. (You can break lasagna sheets down to size)
3. Repeat step 2 till you are about level with the top of the pie pan. Finish with a layer of lasagna so you get a firm and stable base for the pizza toppings.

4. Fold the corners of the fillo pastry inwards layer by layer. Again, butter after every 2nd layer. Go around the pie pan till you get all sheets neatly folded in.
5. Butter the top; take a sheet of pastry and layer it over the top. Tuck the corners down the side of the pie pan and butter the sides.

6. Spread the tomato puree, top with cheese and proceed to lay out the rest of the pizza toppings. Finish with more cheese and proceed to bake for 45 minutes. (Remember to preheat your oven at 180c beforehand!)

I learnt a very important lesson while cooking up this meal. And it wasn’t just that I’m terrible at pastry making. It was to never let my housemate do the pizza toppings ever again. He emptied the entire bag of mozzarella cheese onto the pizza! So what came out of the oven looked nothing like a pizza, more like a mountain of melted cheese.

The conversation went as follow:

Me: “God it smells fantastic, but argh it looks ugly.”
Him: “I don’t know what you are on about, it looks like yum” <-- said with gleaming eyes. Nevertheless the first slice was cut and the first bite taken. I'll admit it. With that huge amount of cheese, it was absolutely heavenly and disgustingly sinful. The pizza/lasagna pie combination was amazing and worked surprisingly well. It had the meatiness of a lasagna and the density of a pizza. Every mouthful was an explosion of flavour and before we knew it, we had chewed through more than half the pie between the two of us.

Check out the different layers!

The housemate thinks we should definitely have this again. And seeing as his favourite foods are pizza, pie and lasagna, I can definitely see why! To be honest, it was really quite easy to put together. Just don’t expect me to be making my own pie crust for awhile till I master it.

So there you have it. Pizza pie. Thanks to Penny and the International Incident for this fantastic meal!

Do go check out the rest of the dinner participants:


  1. That looks officially awesome! When I saw Penny posting about pizza pie, I got the Dean Martin “That’s Amore” song in my mind, and thought it was just going to be garden variety pizza, with singing. Love this interpretation… I think I’ll be trying this.

  2. :O That looks insanely cheesy and yummy! James walked past while I was reading and now he’s decided to make one from your recipe XD

  3. lol – I know of that *gleaming eye* look from my M. Lasagna in a pie! A pie with filo! Lasagna in filo?! That is definitely yum-worthy. :)

  4. Well, I think what we have learned from this party is that pizza pie shouldn’t be anything except what you want it to be! This is such a neat idea, and I really like the black olives on top.

  5. I love your interpretation on the pizza pie. Looks delicious.

  6. pizza, pie and lasagna – that is one hell of a pizza pie! And I used filo as well. I don’t think it looks awesome. I like the rustic thing about it.

    By the way, please head over to to grab the banner and the badge.

  7. Beautiful one. You’re absolutely right – it’s an explosion of flavors the moment it hits your mouth. I could almost taste it. It’s heavenly and sinful.

  8. This is hilariously wonderful, I love it! The best of pie, pizza and lasagne all in one, I am not at all surprised that the two of you managed to eat more than you meant to. Nice bonus of the discovery about how well the filo worked too :)

  9. Heehee, I like your housemate’s pizza topping style!

  10. I was so atracted to this dish. From the title! Look and sound great.

  11. Wow! What a save with the filo dough when the pie crust didn’t turn out – the last photo perfectly captured your concept. A lot of cheese is bad in a very, very good and delicious way! 8-)

  12. Just look at all that cheesy goodness – it looks great.

  13. Aw, for this pizza with Lasagna filling, I bet my daughter would be the first one to have a big bite in the family. It looks gorgeous.

  14. oh wow – that looks good! Kind of like a calzone?

  15. Lasagna is a great idea! out of the box! And so filling!

  16. Yum, delicious! What a brilliant idea :D

    Re your dough – I always make pastry in the food processor – did you use very cold water when you made it?

    This is the recipe I always use (from Donna Hay Classics 2) – 2 cups plain flour, 3 tablespoons caster sugar for sweet pastry OR 1 teaspoon salt for savoury pastry, 150g chopped cold butter, and 2-3 tablespoons iced water. All you need to do is process the flour, sugar/salt and butter in a food processor until it looks like fine breadcrumbs. Then, while the motor is running, add enough iced water to form a smooth dough & it’s just combined. Knead the dough lightly & wrap it and let it rest in the fridge for 30 mins before rolling out.

    Sorry for the long comment. :) But I hope that helps for next time!

    • Oh! That’s definitely helpful. I didn’t use ice water, just room temperature water.
      I’ll try the food processor trick next time. I had it right in front of me but thought I should try it by hand to avoid mistakes.. haha, how wrong was I on that?

      Thanks so much!

  17. Always stick with the first nagging inspiration! I think it looks awesome with all that cheese. Love the lasagna pizza combo.

  18. Ohmeegosh, two of my faves in the one dish! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the next party :)

  19. OMG….foodie heaven…..that looks too good for words….lets take a moment to bow our heads to our friends in the north for this discovery….sigh

  20. OMG,this is amazing! Must.Make.This.Soon!
    .-= Alisa´s last blog ..Talking Champagne With Jean-Pierre Vincent =-.

  21. I’m in Canada and even I wasn’t sure what a “Pizza Pie” was, so I googled it and found this. Looks like it’s a pizza on a pizza on a pizza with extra goodies in between! Who knew?! :)

    I love your version though. I bet it was really, really good and very creative!
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Strawberry Shortcake Muffins =-.

  22. What a great idea Lasagna Pizza!! Looks like a great lasagna recipe.

    I am going to have to try this one this weekend.
    I am going to cook it for the family.


  23. What a awesome recipe! I have never seen something like this before! Must try this one, I hope it will turn out at least solid :)



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