Caffe La Via @ Glenferrie Road, Melbourne

Living in a city like Melbourne, it’s hard to know all the awesome places. That’s why we have friends to recommend things to us. Caffe Lavia was one such place. Highly recommended by a good friend of mine, I hopped down there one evening with a dinner date and a camera.

Glenferrie Road is a shopping street that is peppered with fantastic eateries. So much so that it’s hard to know which ones are the ones that truly shine, and which don’t. My previous perusal of their website (which unfortunately is one of those with the annoying background music playing. Thankfully they had the foresight to add the stop button.) turned up their all day dining menu which spoke of beautiful pizzas and mouth-watering pastas. Your usual Italian fare.

Upon entering Caffe La Via, it feels incredibly heartwarming to see a blazing hot fire in the fireplace welcoming you to come in and enjoy the warmth, away from the winter cold. As it was an especially cold night, I was truly appreciative of the waitress who picked a table for us in front of the fireplace. The rest of the place is done up very simply, but tastefully. Definitely a place to bring a quiet business dinner to, or even your first romantic date.

The service was fast and efficient. Within minutes of sitting down, we had in our hands warm cups of drinks to warm us from the inside while we made our selections from the menu. I opted for the Gamberi while my housemate went for a more traditional meat lasagna. we also ordered bruschetta to share.

The bruschetta was the first to appear. To be completely honest, the appearance of the bruschetta threw me off course for a while. The tomatoes and onions and other garnishes were piled so high on top of the toasted bread that I was rather unsure from where to begin my first bite. But once I started my first bite (rather gingerly I might add), I found no qualms in continuing and finishing the rest. While the bread was slightly too hard for my liking (I have rather sensitive gums) the pesto that was used as a base was amazing, and the tomatoes were incredibly juicy. Definitely a must try if you don’t have sensitive gums or weak teeth like me!

For my main, I ordered the Gamberi: fettuccini with prawns, spinach, chilli & garlic, tossed in olive oil. You can’t see all that much from the photo since I obviously was too interested in eating it than taking proper photos. My verdict: It was amazing. A tad greasy especially since I don’t like my food all that greasy, but that’s a personal preference. It was flavourful and they were really generous with their prawns as well!

The dinner date ordered the Meat Lasagna: oven baked – fresh layers of pasta, creamy cheese & bolognese sauces topped w napoli sauce & melted mozzarella.

It was melt-in-your-mouth, drop dead delicious. I finished my main and helped myself to his main as well. It was just that good.

However while the food was good, the drinks were so-so and nothing to write home about. Even their latte lacked luster. I’d definitely go back for their food tho!

Caffe La Via
252 Glenferrie Road,
Malvern, VIC, 3144

Telephone: 9509 6373
Fax: 9509 1874

Open 7 days a week from 7am till late.

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